Winterizing Tips for Your Motorcycle

For those of you that park your Cruiser or Sport Bike for the Winter, it’s very important to insure that it is properly “Winterized”.  This will keep your bike in tip top shape for the Winter and provide for easy start up for that first Saturday in March when the sun is out and the thermostat outside is hitting 70.  Here are some useful tips:

Motorcycle Oil Change
It is good to change motorcycle oil prior to Winter storage. After it is changed, run it for a few minutes to get the new oil coated on the engine. Also lube moving parts (cables, etc.) with recommended lubricants.

Gas in Carburetor
Gasoline that sits in the carburetor for extended periods of time is not good for the motorcycle.  Before storing for the Winter, burn the gas out of the carburetor by running the motorcycle with the petcock turned to off.  When the bike shuts off, you will know all the gasoline is out of the carburetor.  In addition, add some gasoline stabilizer to your tank per the instructions

Tire Pressure
Check the pressure of both tires and make sure it is up to the recommended pressure (do the same just before you start riding again).

Clean the Motorcycle
Bugs, road tar and other items that hit your motorcycle while riding can wreak havoc on your windshield, paint and chrome if left on for extended periods of time.  Before parking your motorcyle for the Winter, give it a good cleaning with a soft sponge, some hot water and a mild cleaning agent (dish soap works good).

Battery Maintenance
This is usually the most overlooked item and its’ really the simplest to perform.  Motorcycle batteries, if left sitting, will lose approximately 1% of their charge per day.  To counteract this, invest in a Battery Tender trickle charger.  The trickle charger will supplya small constant charge to the battery keeping it fully charged.  In addition to keeping you from having to buy a new battery come Spring, it will also greatly increase the life of your battery.  The Battery Tender’s run about $40.

All of these maintenance items can be performed by yourself at home. If you’re not comfortable with doing some or all of them, feel free to contact the Service Department at Contra Costa Powersports.

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