Rising gas prices make motorcycles good alternative

With gas prices on the rise, commuters once again are looking at motorcycles and scooters as a money saving alternative to the automobile.  Observers predict gas will hit $4 by spring 2011 with it potentially reaching $5 by 2012 (Some Cities in Europe already pay over $6 per gallon).2009 Honda Metropolitan

Contributors to this run up in price could include: growing demand in developing countries such as India and China, the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and our countries continuing love of the SUV.

Gas-guzzlers are already feeling the pinch. Prices are hovering in the mid-three-dollar range right now, the most expensive they’ve been in a December for several years. Usually, gas gets cheaper in the winter months, but prices have been rising since September of this year.

Last time gas approached $4 a gallon, consumers flocked to scooters and small displacement motorcycles in droves.  The Honda Rebel and the Suzuki GZ250 (both 250cc street legal motorcycles) are lightweight with a low seat height which makes them very easy to drive.  At over 80 mpg, they are sure to decrease your monthly commute expense.Suzuki Burgman 650

If you’re looking for even better gas mileage, or you don’t like the idea of shifting gears. a scooter may be just the ticket.  At over 100 mpg, the Honda Metropolitan and Honda Ruckus are one of the best values around and they start at just over $2,000.  If a long range commuter that you can ride two up down the freeway is your calling, then you might want to check out the Suzuki Burgman, available in both 400cc and 650cc models.  The Suzuki Burgman offers a very respectable 38 mpg.  Besides the ease of operation and great gas mileage, scooters are a lot of fun to ride.

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