Motorcycle Helmet – How to choose the right one

You may not realize it but the purchase of a motorcycle helmet may be one of the most important decisions you make when it comes to riding a motorcycle.  When it comes to motorcycle helmets, as the old saying goes, YOU GET WHAY YOU PAY FOR.

HJC CL-16 Rubbertone

If you go into a well stocked dealer such as Contra Costa Powersports, you will see a wide assortment of helmets. These helmets will typically range in price from $69 to over $600 and often times higher.

At the low end of the price spectrum, you will have polycarbonate (better known) as plastic helmets. These will be DOT approved so you are legal but thats about it.  Some of these brands include Fulmer, AFX, Helmet City and many more.  These are typically heavier than most helmets, have little or no venting and will have less choices when it comes to color and/or patterns.

In the middle of the pack, you start moving up to more well known brands such as HJC, Icon, Scorpion and more.  These helmets will have more/better venting, a combination of polycarbonate and epoxy resin for the shell and typically a face shield that is easier to remove.  Several color options will be available along with an assortment of graphics to match your riding gear and motorcycle. Helmets in this segment range in price from around $160 to $250.

Shoei RF-1100 Conqueror

The last segment of helmets is what we call the premium helmets.  This type of helmet is worn by every member of our staff and will be safest on the market. With the premium helmets you get superior venting, one hand simple switch out of the face shield, removable liners, cool graphics and the lightest helmets on the market. Brands in this class include Shoei and Arai. We feel Shoei is a better helmet which is why we carry it in our store. To see first hand all that goes into the making of a Shoei Helmet check out this video on the Shoei RF1100. Shoei helmets range in price from $300 to over $600.  This may seem like a lot for a helmet but if you ever get in an accident, you’ll thank god that you were wearing a good strong helmet.  If you have any questions about helmet choices, feel free to contact one of our Helmet experts at Contra Costa Powersports.

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