Chinese Scooters – Beware of Japanese imitators

Over the last 6 or 7 years, there have been literally hundreds of chinese, taiwanese and other asian country brands flooding the US market with inferior scooters and other powersport products. These scooters can sell for up to 50% of the japanese competitor but there is a reason. They typically use inferior metals and other components which allow them to be manufactured at a lower price and thus sold at a lower price.

We have investigated several of these brands and have decided that we cannot, in good faith, sell them to our customers.  These inferior products are typically sold over the internet, out of someones garage or from a retail business that also sells other products. There is a lot of information on the internet regarding problems with Chinese scooters such as this one from a Dealer in Cleveland.

Unfortunately we have had several of these scooters show up at our service department in need or repair, some being only 30 or 60 days old.  Consumers are being told by these companys that they are just like Honda’s or that Honda replacement parts can be used. This is not correct.

The profit on these off-brand scooters is substantially more than we make on the Japanese couter parts so if they were a good product, we would definitely be selling them.  We just don’t feel they are a good deal for our customers.

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